Art on the Green

August 2018

Art on the Green, North Idaho College, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

In my city they have 2 events in one weekend every year, Art on the Green and the Street Fair.  This year was the first year in a really long time we were able to go to one of the events, Art on the Green.  These are very popular events that are very well attended.

Art on the Green, as the name suggests, showcases art from people from all over.  Here is a section from their website explaining the event:

“Art on the Green is a great place to buy handcrafted works in glass, clay, leather, wood, metal and fiber directly from the artists. Or if you prefer, create your own special art in our hands-on-art area for children – materials and instruction provided. Enjoy our food selections – old favorites and new additions (food booths at the festival are run by wonderfully dedicated volunteers and the proceeds help to pay for the free entertainment offered all weekend long). Plan to join in the celebration of art, creativity and friendship at Art on the Green. Free shuttle bus between the festival and downtown Coeur d’Alene.”

We decided to go at the beginning of the event on Friday in hopes that there would be less people there.  Unfortunately that didn’t matter.  There were already tons of people there.  We ended up getting there an hour after opening and barely were able to get a spot for our van and trailer.

We made our way into the event and were able to get a map of the vendors so we could determine the best plan to do the things we wanted to.  We decided to start in the kids area so they could take part in the art experiences.  Unfortunately the kids weren’t able to make the wings because they ran out an hour into the event.  The gallery below has pictures and a video from the event.

There were a lot of people that stopped to tell me how much they liked the Action Trackchair, but the most interesting was a producer from KSPS, our local PBS station, asking about possibly getting some video of me using the chair to plow snow this winter to possibly use for a project.  I will be getting in contact with him and hopefully this will turn into something to help share about my rare diseases, the great trackchair, and Chive Charities who made it possible.

Another interesting encounter after we had some food was with a family that is here on vacation from Minnesota.  They stopped to talk about the chair because they have a nephew that could use one like it.  We talked for a while and I even took a picture with them.

Then we were able to go look at some of the art, and of course the kids wanted to purchase everything because it was all so cool.  Then we were able to pick up the paintings the kids did since they were finally dry and head to the van.  We did have to make one final stop on the way to the van for the family to get ice cream.  I can’t have the sugar because it triggers my paralysis, but they definitely all needed an ice cream treat.

One of the challenges I still face in going to events like this is that over stimulation causes me to have paralysis attacks.  During our time there I did my best to manage my triggers by wearing my cooling vest, a sweatshirt at times because it got cool for me, and using ear plugs when the music was playing, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.  While waiting for them to get their ice cream I had a paralysis attack.  Luckily I had mentioned to my wife that I felt like I needed to go soon and within a minute she noticed I was paralyzed.  She was able to administer my medications and stop the attack within several minutes, but it always wipes me out.

Shortly after the attack they were able to get their ice cream and we headed on our way to the van.  It was fun to watch the kids trying to eat their ice cream cones while walking and trying to eat it all while it was melting.  Needless to say the kids were both pretty messy when we got to the van.

We loaded up the trackchair and headed home.  It was a great event, but 4 hours out in a crowded environment was definitely too much.  Can’t wait to see what the next adventure will be.

Have you had any trackchair adventures lately?  Share them in the comments!

  • Trackchair Accessable 100% 100%
  • Parking w/Trailer 60% 60%
  • Easy to Find 100% 100%
  • Good for the Whole Family 100% 100%

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