Genetic Testing Results

August, 2018

Genetic Testing Results

Back in March I was made aware of discounted whole genome sequencing (WGS) from Dante Labs as part of an agreement with a periodic paralysis genetics support group I am a member of on Facebook.  I sent in my sample and have been waiting since then to get the results.  The reason I got testing done through them to was to help participate in research for periodic paralysis, look for possible explanations for my periodic paralysis, possible genetic diagnosis, as well as get my raw data to possibly be able to participate in other research that is being done for my rare diseases.  There is a current research study being performed out of Denmark on recurrent meningitis and links to genetic causes that it looks like I will be able to participate in now.

I just got my results and we found out that it looks like I have Andersen-Tawil Syndrome, which is a type of periodic paralysis.  I have a variant of unknown significance (VUS) on the KCNJ2 gene that has been linked to Andersen-Tawil Syndrome in one study.  There needs to be further study to confirm if this variant is disease causing, but with my symptoms being consistent with Andersen-Tawil Syndrome along with this variant, there is a good chance it is disease causing in me.  I watched a webinar recently with a geneticist who deals in rare disease, and she said if an VUS comes back with a disease that the symptoms can explain then she treats the patient as if that is their diagnosis.

We have been using my Klor-con/ef medicine as a preventative treatment lately and have found it very effective.  I have gone from having multiple paralysis attacks daily to an attack every few days.  We are working with my neurologist to see if we can try out the new periodic paralysis drug Keveyis from Strongbridge Biopharma that a lot of periodic paralysis patients have had success with.  It is the only FDA approved treatment for periodic paralysis at this time.

Strongbridge recent sponsored the Ride for Rare Diseases, where Gabriel Low rode 3000 miles across the US to raise awareness for primary periodic paralysis (PPP) prior to competing in the USA triathlon national championships and placed high enough to move on to the world championships.  Gabriel has PPP and placed high enough to qualify for the national championships even while having a PPP attack during the race.

I am excited to see how we can change my treatment to try and help me get a better quality of life.

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